Thursday, July 29, 2004


A surprise came in the mail the other day.  I forgot that I had ordered some little charms/embellishments/toys until they arrived.  Now I have to create a design to use them.  When I ordered them I had it in my head I would put them in the hand of a blackwork Geisha but I'm beginning to see that folks' walls are filling up with that sort of stuff.  So I'm thinking of using them some other way.  I couldn't resist them though.  They are little 1 1/2" x 1" or so metal fans that completely fold and unfold and when open have a dragon on one side and cranes on the other.  Hmm.  Putting on designer's thinking cap.  Watch this space for results.

Oops, put the dragon side up on both of them.  Oh well, you get the idea without seeing the cranes.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

If you like sewing with satire, don't miss Sew Geeky or its sister blog about all things bridal, including BAD bridal fashion.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004


Nice lace and ummm poetry about knitting it.  Check out String and Wire.

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


I just had a delightful wander through Abba Richman's Alphabet in Colour.  He finds whimsical letter forms in everyday objects and the links to other photographers trying out the same concept are interesting as well.
Now I'm going to be looking at everything in a new light for a few days.  Forget, the color, forget the texture - back to basics - the form.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

In the midst of all the dayjob nonsense I had two wonderful pressies.  A stash of customdyed fibers from SharonB and THREE issues of Inspirations from Laren.  (I'll swap almost anything to fill in my collection of either of these temptations).
I have a project in mind for the fibers - can you see "Jacobean gone Oz sunset"?  And the little roo will nestle right in as an embellishment.  Hmm now where did I put that Linen twill with the design drawn out?  No common Appletons blues for it - it needs vibrant colors and some added glitz.

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Blogging, smogging - the dratted day job caught up with me and I didn't have time to even think about blogging. 
Getting ready for a big trial is fun.  Especially when you have a client who needs a nanny more than an attorney.  Guess who gets to be the nanny?

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Friday, July 09, 2004


Whilst in Kansas City I was in the SCA Kingdom of Calontir and was informed that the warriors of Calontir go into battle singing. That must be a sight/sound to stir the heart and soul of the troops and their supporters.

I also heard of a wonderful source for all sorts of trims and such, Calontir Trims. What a great site and now I know who to beg for help if I have a Latin tag that is beyond my few years of high school Latin class.

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Still unpacking from KC adventures. I received the loveliest gift from Catherine Kinsey while there.

I LOVE presents and especially those handcrafted. Boxers appeal to me and if you look closely, this little guy has taken up stitching with a golden needle.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004


When visiting Kansas City recently, my hostess (Catherine K) FORCED me to travel to a very dangerous neighborhood.

A visit to a unique jewelers (ah the opals, ah the amber) was on the before lunch agenda. Tempting, but I can resist jewelry.

Then lunch at an Irish Pub which was nearly empty so they didn't mind us sitting and having a good natter.

Then it was onward to The Better Cheddar. Yes Catherine it is an adventure better taken on a full stomach. The golden raspberry jam is outstanding and the chocolate was the hit at the office.

Then on to a very dangerous shop, The Paper Source. Real eye candy for someone whose second love (after textile thingies) is paper! Yes, they do have a modest amount of scrapbook stuff but also just tons and tons of stuff which is great for mixed media projects. I came away with two new books (one on boxes and one on manipulating fabric and paper) and handfuls of bits and bobs for inspiration.

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

AT LAST!!!!!

Home again and finally to the point that I can blog a bit. Being pretty steadily on the road for over a month just really cut into my blogging time.

It was home to the dayjob to find that very little had been accomplished there whilst I was away. Just about what was expected, but wham what a mess to deal with.

Still sorting the pesky papers but getting down to some of the fun stuff as well.

Two new erasers/rubbers last month. One from Lindsborg, Kansas and one from Hannibal, Missouri.

I always have fun in Lindsborg, Swedish to the nth degree. They now have their own answer to the various animals, angels, whatever that communities have been scattering about to define their spaces and give artists a platform for expression. Their critters are Dalla horses (rather a signature of the town) and they are decorated in some of the most whimsical ways imaginable. We met the mayor of Lindsborg in front of the local restaurant owned by his family. Ron Rolander gave us an up close and personal account of all the symbols included on the Dalla horse he commissioned and their significance to his family.

Hannibal is just good fun for an afternoon and they have done a good job on the Mark Twain/S. Clemens museum there. I found it very touching that the museum's collection of first editions had been purchased using funds collected from local schoolchildren every year on the occasion of the author's birthday

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