Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wow what a month!!! 

Since last posting I have:

1. Finished packing boxes in LA (twinged my back again doing it)
2. Sent 3 truckloads of "stuff" to the landfill there
3. Loaded up a U-Haul and attached a trailer with my minivan onto it
4. Driven the overloaded U-Haul cross-country with average gas fillups of $70 multiple times in a day
5. Arrived in Unionville TN
6. Unloaded the U-Haul and stacked the boxes in an aesthetic maze
7. Collapsed for a week and a half with the twinged back
8. Am now on my feet/marginally again

To those I owe e-mail or an order - we're working just as fast as we can catching up and getting back up to speed.

I MISSED Y'ALL (see it's catching, but I refuse to eat grits)

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