Thursday, August 31, 2006

Life Gets In The Way 

Oh Wow! And does it ever. A month of medical tests and prods and pokes. Still creaking about with the back but when I get back from London in October I'll have some surgery that will hopefully fix a few of the problems.

I'm sitting here making some of the last minute arrangements for London and working out plans for my using taxi transport this year instead of my usual Tube/plus fast walking pace.

The UK has many difficulties making very old buildings "accessible" but I think I have it figured out. There may be many adventures to recount.

One of our treats this year is a day out to Winchester Cathedral. Thanks to a friend I've been there during the Christmas season and seen many of their spendid vestments in use at a carol service. The cathedral is home to a splendid collection of medieval tiles and is the site of Louisa Pesel's great kneeler project.

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