Friday, October 24, 2008

Waking Up Is Hard To Do 

After over a month under the influence of antihistimines (thank you episode of hives) I'm beginning to wake up again. Only one mildly itchy spot to report.

Now to get on with life.

Tonight or rather this morning at 1:00 a.m., we had quite an eventfull revielle at the ye olde Upper Shambles II housing complex. (The name is changed to protect the innocent). 200+ apartments emptied their blue rinse occupants to skitter down the exit stairs due to a fire in one of the apartments on my floor. (At the furtherst reaches of my floor, around a bend in the building and past two mighty automatic fire doors.)

It was a real test in how quickly I could find purse, shoes, keys and uncable/plug the external drive. Excitment over my dears, alarms turned off and now might as well have some breakfast. What a blessing are those external drives that automatically back up your entire system every night. The archive CDs/DVDs fill another tote bag and hover around the exit at all times.

Now to watch a little cable design network nastiness. Is it just me or would you actually live in most of the wonderful designs created for mass viewing?


I feel your pain on the hives. Not fun.
It's good to see you posting again! Sorry to hear of your middle of the night scramble, but a little adrenaline at our age is occasionally good for us. I hope you come out from under the antihistamine completely soon!
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