Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Living Again 

Oh gosh what an endless nightmare - or at least it seemed like one. Still scratching intermittant hives, still creaking around with a non-functioning back. BUT the biggest problem has been struggling to convince management at my government subsidized apartment that I really need all my stash and needlework library. They don't stitch by the way. I finally arranged and re-arranged everything until the fear of finding myself sitting in the street with nothing but several bins of assorted fibers and a few yards of evenweave to keep me warm. Hint! You would be amazed at how many skeins of DMC one can store in a teakettle.

Now I can return to sanity and stitching for a few months. Next inspection not scheduled until April.


Glad to see you writing I hope things stay sorted in the housing situation.
oh dear - I'm applying to get into government subsidized housing (waiting list = 5 years). I've heard stories of single women getting 2 bedroom places, and I'm praying for one for myself.
I have my calligraphy stuff as well.....

Best of luck with your health
Glad to see you post again!

So, what are you stitching?
Glad to see you back. :) Kept meaning to email you to make sure you were still alive.

Did they figure out what the hives are from? Government subsidized housing--just one word: Ick. Of COURSE you need your stash!!
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