Monday, March 16, 2009

New Threads 

Did you ever get so used to using a particular fiber for something that you don't even consider using another ? When it comes to reversible blackwork I have typically used Shantung Silk from Texere in Northern England. In my hands it doesn't fuzz or shred as it has a pretty firm twist.

But a few days ago Dena Lenham, the designer contact at Kreinik, e-mailed me to check on why I'd taken such a vacation from designing. I explained I was just beginning to get busy again and that my first project would be a blackwork 6 Wives sampler. I'd really never used Kreinik silks as I like Dinky Dyes silks for samplers, Texere Shantung Silk for Blackwork and Madeira silks for silk shading. Believe it or not, thread does reach the point of taking too much storage so I try to stick to a few tried and true lines for day-to-day use and then add accents of interesting new fibers to add richness to the mix.

BUT, Dena offered to send me some samples of Silk Serica, Silk Bella and Silk Mori to try. So it's stitching sample bits time. The blacks arrived today. I'll report on how they perform for me.

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I'll be looking forward to your comparisons. I am using silk again after years away from it and liking it but now I am wondering if the particular silk I am using is so much better than I remember silk being, maybe there's something else out there that is even better than this? (How's that for a run-on sentence? Somewhere in Heaven Sr. Joanna is cringing!)
I like the Bella for some blackwork - primarily the free form. My favorite is Pearsalls for anything double running - on 36 ct - single strand. The Mori is nice but can be cranky at times.

For detached buttonhole, Ovale is quickly becoming my favorite. The old soie platte is tiny in comparison but if you do tiny then do buy up their old stock. I also really like the Trebezond. I untwist it and dampen it to make lovely flat silk. I use it as is for loft and color on fabrics like velvet.

My 3 cents.
Linn, it's lovely to hear you are still stitching and experimenting.
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