Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did You Ever? 

I think we all have had the experience of stitching a wonderful design and then searching for the ideal frame, box, etc. to showcase our stitching.

But did you ever have a frame that simply calls for some beautiful stitching and then find ourselves hunting for a design to fit the frame?

I can't resist old frames and have quite a stack of what is now known as "shabby chic" frames. In days past I just thought of these as being unloved and needing some TLC.

Some I have used for framing models and from time to time a design that is just right floats to the surface and a friendship of frame and stitching begins. It can sometimes be a little difficult to find a "fitting" design as vintage frames don't always come in modern standard sizes


Absolutely. It can be a lot of fun to design something to fit something else!
Yes, I also have a collection of those "antique" frames.
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