Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Sale 

Run don't walk to http://boydellandbrewer.com/ to take advantage of their upcoming 48 hour sale.

Boydell and Brewer are publishers of scholarly works including the catalogs of university presses, societies, etc. They are not "cheap" but have titles not seen elsewhere. Their current catalog of medieval studies includes some 89 pages of titles. You can sometimes find that they have printed not only a hardback version of a book but also a softback. This can help bring these books within reason if you don't particularly require a hardback.

They are having their first ever special sale starting Sunday and continuing for 48 hours only. Some groups of societies' proceedings are not included but there are plenty of medieval costume, food, warfare. etc. for you to drool over. The sale is a discount of 40% of your entire order (other than excluded titles).

I'm just a satisfied customer of theirs, not affiliation with their biz. Now back to browsing and wishing.


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