Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Bad, bad case of jet lag this trip. But up and running again now. Today I've been making the final reservations for our needlework tour in London and spent most of the early (3-4 a.m.) hours on the telephone tweaking the afternoon tea reservations, the Gothic Art Exhibit tickets, the rail tickets etc.

We're going to see a rare treat this year. The collection of textile marching banners connected with the women's suffrage movement in England. They are now owned by the Women's Library in London. I saw a few of the banners when The Museum of London mounted their Shoulder to Shoulder exhibit a few years ago, but this is an opportunity to see a good many more of this important part of women's history. The collection has been digitized which is an interesting story in and of itself. To see all of the banners you can visit a site which offers not only the Women's Library collection but lots of other visual image collections including an extensive project concerning medieval stained glass.

Didn't do a bit of stitching away although I took the Doors models with me. I don't know why I carry any stitching with me when I travel. I just don't do well trying to stitch while away from home.

Had two decent days at the National Art Library. They do have some treasures. They are just more difficult to access than those at the British Library. Had a session with an early pattern book which (unmentioned in Lotz or in the catalog) had a title page and four plates from another early book bound with the cataloged edition. Surprises.

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