Thursday, September 04, 2003


Needleworkers are nothing if not inventive - just look at the neat color changes and tweaks Jennifer Aikman-Smith has given to her blog!! We've added her to our ring of bloggers. It is such a treat to get up in the morning and read other folks' thoughts. I work so much in isolation. I LOVE r.c.t.n. and all my groups, but the blog experience is just another enhancement to the WWW (wonderful world of web).

Well, now that I'm home from the day job AND I have all but the fidgets done on the latest webpage update, I'm plotting bits and pieces for the goodie bags our tour group participants will get in London next month and it's back to model stitching.

I only got a few needlesful done on my Kew Door last night. On the commute this evening I got to wondering - are these things selling in the UK. I know our distributor started releasing the first eight as kits in August. I know from people's posts in groups and e-mails that they are being advertised in UK magazines. Ah the anguish. Do I show Puritan restraint and wait for the report from the distributor, do I call, do I bribe all my friends to go buy a kit to make me feel good?

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