Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I'm working at home today (which is otherspeak for I couldn't get a dayjob gig) so I've been doing long avoided chores. Turned out a drawer of abandoned stitching projects. Ruthless cutting off of usable fabric and throwing away of stitching.

Floss tidy fit. I use floss and never put the bobbins back where they belong in their nice little arranged boxes. I throw them in a heap in a collecting box to "be refiled later." Later never seems to come. I had a wonderful friend who didn't even stitch but LOVED organizing things. She used to put all my floss up when she visited. She moved a couple of states away though so I had to bite the bullet and do it myself. Bummer. What prompted all this virtue??? Another bad habit. I tend to fling colors into something I'm designing "on the fabric" and then let the bobbins get separated from the project before I document the colors I used. I'm now tediously searching for about 16 colors to match those in a piece of embroidery.

I TRY to be very organized. I envy folks who are. I've read every help yourself to a better life book about organization but they all seem to want me to do things that would take more time than I think the activity is worth.

There is hope I think. I'm pretty organized about research notes and bits and bobs. Perhaps I can improve in other departments as well.

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