Friday, September 05, 2003


A new member in the ring of needlework bloggers, Carole, had checked in from Hawaii. Check out A Cross Stitcher's Journal. Can Asia, Europe, the British Isles, Africa or South America be far behind in joining us in blogging? I think not.

Not much in the way of stitching last night although I did start on CSI reruns for my stitching companion, I switched to a PBS documentary on international primary education. Did get a few bits of Doors in though.

Embroidery Surfing

Terms for the day "embroidery" and "spider" - I met a spider in my kitchen today - yielded a lot of links. Some of them follow:

A way out spider; a beautiful spider; a spider stitch; and a spider technique.

I see Laren is stitching from Bassee. I adore the birds in the early pattern books. I classify them as "KB" or SB" = Kicking Birds or Standing Birds. Now I am curious if Laren is stitching KBs or SBs.

On to the weekend. I always slow down on stitching on Friday thinking "I have all weekend to get that done" - then before I even bend a needle, Monday arrives - sure as death or taxes.

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