Tuesday, September 02, 2003

One of the joys of being a VERY small business is doing one's one model stitching. Can you tell I'm stitching on models every spare moment right now? Downside is that it takes time from designing and I watch a good deal of rubbishy TV to get me through it -- upside, I really do like stitching my own first model because invariably I wind up changing something or fixing lots of somethings.

Ever wanted to be a professional model stitcher? Are you a designer looking for model stitchers? A Yahoo group brings model stitchers and designers together. The group hosts discussion, useful files and is enlightening to no end on this subject.


But I could stitch a LOT better if the ditzy woman upstairs would quit running around her apartment like a 2 year old. I've not met her up close and personal, but I have a vision of a 300# woman hopping and skipping about madly.

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