Friday, September 12, 2003


Now that I'm addicted to blogging, I'm constantly on the lookout for other members of the blog tribe. As I knit (but don't design knitting patterns) I'm always up for a little knitting chat to knock me out of the ruts I get into. I found a great blog by Larry and have added a link to it (with his gracious permission). Now to decide on a new knitting project (don't mention the baby blanket sitting here staring at me). I did finish a warm cuddly throw for a friend who needed a warm cuddle but that was a no brainer. I just rummaged out some fuzzy thin sort of manmade stuff cast on some stitches did a few rows of garter stitch and made some diagonals of faggot stitch. Hardly counts in the scheme of things. The little blankie is finished except for the knit lace edging which I'm perpetually attaching. I make most baby blankies with white cotton so they can be bleached. Anyone who has ever been close enough to touch a baby doesn't have to ask why?

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