Wednesday, September 03, 2003


I guess I'm still rather "gosh, gee whiz" when it becomes apparent that someone actually stitches something I designed. Although I'm flattered to no end, I sometimes wonder "why did they want to do that"? Stitching someone else's vision and making it yours is a very powerful event. This spring Pat Girraffa, President of the Gateway Chapter ANG taught a design I'd had featured on the cover of Piecework at her guild and subsequently mounted it in a very clever way I never would have imagined. She won a ribbon at the Missouri State Fair this summer for this little bit of silk gauze nestled on a splendid box.

Meanwhile, back to model stitching. Have the outlining of the shapes about half done on a new Kew Doors design and have the blackwork sequencing worked out. Still only a touch of the solid cross stitching done though. So long as I go to bed with a bit more done, I'm content with my progress.

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