Thursday, September 04, 2003


Now that I've finished the dreaded website update, I'm ready for a little fun. If you want to learn about cars ya' gotta look at a LOT of cars. If you want to learn about embroidery ya' gotta look at a LOT of embroidery.

Sure it's great to see stuff up close and personal at an event or in a museum, but that's not always possible. Also, no museum has a collection covering all aspects of any art. I turn to books and read/reread a bit of one of my library of textile and art books every day, but another favorite activity is SURFING FOR EMBROIDERY. So today as a treat, I went to my near and dear friend Google and tapped in "embroidery" and "Afghanistan". I'm liable to type in "embroidery" and almost anything. This gives me a chance to see a lot of embroidery I might have otherwise missed.

Take a little look at one site I found. As it happens when I surf, one thing leads to another. The triangular amulet reminded me of Sheila Paine's book The Afghan Amulet. This is a favorite book of mine. Embroidery and adventure all together. Can you imagine a nice English lady with no more than a few pounds in her pocket taking off on a quest to find the source of the embroidered amulet? Several copies are on sale at a reasonable price at Amazon.

Ah well, back to work at my day job here. Got to get those monthly billing statements out.

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