Saturday, October 04, 2003


Well, good reports all around here. Finished the day job for the week (well only brought one file home) but I'm back to stitching. Finished all the cross stitch on one of the Kew Doors and well into finishing all of it on the other one currently in a hoop.

ALSO back to a never ending project!!! Several years ago I designed four knotwork letters (I O N A) and taught the design at a season of Heart of Cross Stitch Shows. Thought I was finished with it but everyone was disappointed they didn't get an entire alphabet so I've been slogging away on it ever since. I've now completed the alphabet through R and just opened a screen on S and am pushing bits of knots around.

I'm determined to finish up the alphabet, get it into booklet form and get it in our catalog - Watch This Space

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