Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Every once in a while one has to just have a hissie fit about "stuff" See instructions below re hissie fits!! Don't wanna go to work, don't wanna drive to work (bus mechanics on strike), don't wanna go to strange market (Ralph's employees on strike), don't wanna see our southland go up in flames due to antisocial behavior of firesetters, don't wanna have temperatures of 100 F. in late October. Now that's better.

Laren asked about the software I use for organizing books. It is a relatively inexpensive (but not free) program called Book Organizer Deluxe. It is by PrimaSoft who put out A LOT of organization sorts of software. I like it because it lets me put in a lot of information including condition, list price, purchase price, value, source, notes and a thumbnail of the cover amongst other things. It lets you do a goodly amount of customization and has the usual sorting features of any database.

As to Laren's other question (I will add comments here one of these days but tried it once and gave up when it didn't work), Yes the Celtic knots will all be put in a booklet and put in our catalog as soon as I can get them finished off. They are pretty quirky. Not all the same size, charted in only 4 colors (you can change them as you please) but are really meant more as a collection of maze, key and interlacing designs you can play with to create your own projects. I can't imagine anyone stitching the entire alphabet!!! I certainly don't intend to do so. I stitched the initial 4 charts IONA and have an idea they will work out okay but anyone who eventually works all of them and provides me with photos will earn a whopping shop credit with yours truly.

Instructions for Hissie Fit

If right handed, plant left foot firmly on floor, raise right hand to heaven and stomp right foot firmly on floor while turning the body anti-clockwise.

If left handed, reverse instructions accordingly.

Repeat uneven number of rotations and add any personal incantations desired.

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