Saturday, November 29, 2003


Now you say "how could that little thingie possibly be a needlework tool?" Ah, but it is an essential tool. I take a laptop to libraries and museums in England. It is a step above my last purchased laptop (a DOS model would you believe) and is provided courtesy of my chum Libby who has progressed several models up the technology chain when it comes to portable computing. It is a lifesaver though and I can create graphs on it from original textiles or 16th century pattern books and tap in text files with my notes and comments.

However "the brick" as Libby fondly refers to "it" can't write CD's so stuff has been stuck on its drive awaiting some method of download or has been laboriously re-input on my desktop.

Then came the Thanksgiving Day sales - and Staples had this wonderful little toy on sale. 2 1/2" x 1/2" it will plug into a USB port on the brick like a little electronic leech and scoop up 256 mb of library/museum files and then move over to the desktop and spit them all out.

A needlework tool indeed.

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