Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Oh gosh that feels better. I did do a bit of this and that other than reading four mystery novels and lounging about.

Finalized the plans for one of the Rockome Country Evenings I'm sponsoring with Eileen Bennett. Big mystery for now, sorry y'all but it does involve a new sampler designed in line with our fascination with the six wives of Henry VIII.

I had a chance to have a good look at the four little needlework specimen books I have which were compiled by a little girl named Florence (Florry) Lewsley in Fishtoft (Boston) Lincolnshire around 1900-1904. They are full of her plain sewing hems, tucks, buttonholes and darns as well as a bit of knitting and a few samplers.

Fishtoft School is still in business, but now I need to find out more about Florry.

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