Thursday, November 13, 2003


I see the word "mentor" bandied about from time to time, but I'm not certain it applies to me. I see myself more as an "encourager" or (a detested term for me) a coach.

I sometimes turn into a nag on a soapbox. e.g. "Don't aim for the project, think about the process." "Samples, samples, samples" or "keep a design journal". "Don't just look at samplers, look at the other embroidery of the period." or "you can't understand the embroidery of a period without understanding the economics, the society, the politics, trade practices, fashion, etc, etc, etc.

When trying a new stitching technique I usually look at it and say "hmm not so bad for a first try". I may never use the technique again, but I've explored it, I understand it a bit better, I jolly well know a good example or a poor example the next time I see it. My next thought is usually "hmm how can I use this in an innovative way?"

If being a mentor is simply bringing out the talent already inherent in someone then I'm all for being there with the jeweler's rouge and the elbow grease to polish up those precious talents and gems of ability and make them shine.

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