Friday, November 21, 2003


Stitchers meet in so many ways these days. At guilds, at commercial stitching shows, at exhibits, on the web. There is a way for every stitcher to interact with others now - no matter how isolated their physical living conditions may be.

When I first started exchanging messages about stitching online it was immediately evident that many stay at home moms, many disabled stitchers, many stitchers living in remote parts of the world suddenly had access to stitching friends. Many of those friendships turned into meetings and then we started running into each other at shows and guild events and now you never know who will turn up somewhere.

I had a lovely evening yesterday teaching at the Santa Clarita EGA and ran into several stitchers I hadn't seen since I no longer teach classes at CATS events or exhibit at the Southern California show. What a treat!! and wonderful to know what they are stitching, what adventures they have had and what their stitching goals have become.

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