Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Not really dratted day job. Actually thank heaven it's been busy and I have hours to work. We are quite accustomed to eating at regular intervals and the "Design Biz" certainly doesn't provide for all the expenses of living.

However, I had a wonderful weekend with my friend Robin/Sabrina. Flying to San Jose I saw the most complete rainbow ever. It lacked only feet of being a full circle. Then agreat evening with Sabrina the Enchantress and Will the Gentle Giant and interesting friends. Good talk and intelligent conversation is ambrosia, isn't it?

Then off on Saturday to tootle around a bit in the countryside and home to learn to lucet or at least to braid using a simple lucet as a tool. I'm far from good at it. I have a terrible time with tension when it comes to "knotty thingies" e.g. tatting, etc. but I have the moves and practice may bring a smoother cord. Robin's look machine made they are awesome. I got a private lesson but SCA folks can catch her classes at an upcoming Collegium.

Saturday was smocking class. I had so much fun. Haven't smocked for years and had forgotten most of what I knew other than how to do the prep work (never fun) but most of all enjoyed all the talk of historic costume. I don't construct but everyone was nice and explained how garments go together and why. I will use my class piece in a mixed media piece in the future if all goes well.

Then back home on Monday to work and work and work and work and work and never stitch.

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