Friday, December 19, 2003


Amazing how small experiences change one's perspective on life, the universe and everything.

I try to live with the following SOP (as they say in the Army- Standard Operating Procedure) I get up every day, I do what I can and then I go to bed. I do try to do the most important or "must do" sorts of things during the day, but I seldom accomplish everything I "should" do so when frustrating events threaten to take over, I just opt out of worrying about them.

I got over my snit yesterday by watching a super 3 hour special on the life of Charles Dickens. I had taped it the night before. It pointed out a few sites in London I now need to explore. I also frogged the mess I made of one of the Kew Doors models and I'm back in stitching mode on them so I soon should have another finish accomplished.

Then today - the part I fought to buy yesterday was delivered and should solve printer problems AND I got 2 super wonderful thingies from e-bay auctions. Four little German and French pattern booklets from an Argentinian source who (being a man and not a needleworker) had listed them in an inappropriate section so I got a wonderful price AND 10 17th century handmade pins from The Netherlands. My students will get to touch the pins in classes in 2004. I think it is important to be able to touch textile history, not just to see it behind glass in a museum.

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