Sunday, December 07, 2003


Is it only me or do others get within a cat's whisker of finishing a project and just seem to be unable to finish it? I have the webpages for our 2004 needlework tour almost finished; I have the Doors models almost finished; I have all the stuff I need to send to Rockome finished except for the ad layout; I have the celtic alphabet book ready to go except for the cover. Do I have a fear of finishing??? I know when I do finish a project I sometimes have to go through a period of restlessness before I can latch onto something else to do.


I found Ulrike and her order is on its way. I also found out that Welltris (the original version) will run under Windows and I even found the manual for the look up entry info. Tetris unfortunately will not behave with Windows 98 and beyond. Although it's a DOS program, it worked on Windows 95. Other good news - Blogshares will be up and running soon (finger's crossed) after a sudden demise last month.

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