Tuesday, December 09, 2003


People do read this blog!!!! Amazing. I just had a call from my friend MJ in Vienna to say she was having fun playing with some of the projects on the kids craft site list I had posted. She had sent it on to a group of parents so they could play as well. We should never grow too old to play. Otherwise we lose that wonderful spirit of creativity that young people take for granted.

When teaching young stitchers I never start by teaching them to duplicate a design or read a chart. We start with plastic canvas and threads and embellishments and then they stitch a scene and tell me a story about it. I sit with them and stitch a scene as well and share a story with them. Kids can handle fine motor movement and correlation with charts and such at about age 8 or so.

Painted canvas is a great medium for them as well. It gives them a foundation design for building a work of fiber art. Having them "paint" their own canvas with markers and then stitch their art is a super way to teach about textures and the way fibers behave when stitched.

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