Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Cyberspace is a miserable world when all the spam arrives (despite the efforts to block the worst of it) but it's great when amongst the mess is a nice friendly message from a young (assumed) man who just wants to know "why you bought shares in my blog". Umm I may not agree with some of their views, I may agree with some of their views but it would be a very boring world if I only read blogs of people who agreed with me. I did make money on the blog and sold it off, but I've now gone back and bought a few more shares even though I'm usually ruthless in selling blogshares (even my own).

Then also wedged in with various invitations to increase the size of anatomical parts I don't possess was an e-mail from someone who bought one my books and had visited our website.

It's just nice to know there are people out there who do listen and respond and are ready to engage in friendly interaction. A good way to start a new year.

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