Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Well, I should have been working on serious stuff tonight but I've been trying out some new and rechecking some old kids craft sites. Here's a great bunch. Don't waste these links entirely on kids - they're fun.

Maverick's Paper boats and also all sorts of folded stars. Even May baskets! Remember those?

Free project instructions from Craft Creations Magazines. Mostly for the 7+ age

Twelve folded airplanes from the simple to the complex. Great for decorating with color, stickers, whatever.

Absolute must for parents. A UK site with all sorts of printable thingies - even kid's checks so they can write checks like mommy and daddy

Another must
Every sort of craft including edible crafts and crafts for holidays that can be hard to find projects to celebrate including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Canada Day, and El Dia de los Muertas.

Printsville - Hewlett Packard's creativity site

For Everything on railsScroll to Free Paper Kit Downloads and Children's Choo Choo Section. I made a fun cut-fold and glue train for holiday ornaments one year and they keep adding more stuff to this site. Learn a Hobo Alphabet and play board games as well as create dioramas.

Use up those grocery bags - make backpacks.

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