Thursday, January 22, 2004


I enjoy hanging around online groups just to take the pulse of the needlework world and EZboard has a couple of great groups. Unfortunately I seldom can use them because the EZboard interface will not allow me to do so. Ages ago I joined Cross Stitch Corner and really enjoyed the give and take in that group but soon EZboard told me I couldn't have access. Yes my profile was carefully filled out but I was persona non grata and I gave up. Then last year I joined the Legacy Guild board which is another super batch of stitching enthusiasts. Everything was going along swimmingly until today and suddenly I can't have access and when applying for membership have been DENIED. But I can't reapply because I already have a membership BUT I can't use that membership because I have to APPLY for membership. I give up. It was great while it lasted but it is just too difficult to try to sort out. I know when to give up. EZboard you won. I'm gone and won't pester you for admission.

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