Monday, January 19, 2004


We do work with sharp and dangerous thingies. As recently mentioned I once had a disasterous episode with a knitting needle. Thinking of safety is important especially if we have kidlets or four footed friends about the house. Please please don't get in the habit of putting needles in your mouth. A cough or a sneeze could cause you to do extreme damage. I'm not so careful with needles because I live alone, but stepping on one that has fallen in a carpet can be painful. A good magnet is your friend for finding stray needles in bed, in carpets, in furniture or in stitching bags.

One of the best places to put orts to keep them out of reach of children or pets (both species are very oral and eat anything) is a plastic wipes container with a cross hatch cut in the lid for you to pull out Baby Wipes or cleaning wipes. It is easy to poke the odd bits down into the container as you don't have to remove and replace a lid and they are devilishly difficult to fish things out of. All sympathy to our recovering feline friend and remorseful caretaker. Their experience should be a wakeup call to all of us. My dad was a vet and about once a month a pet would need thread removal surgery. Another bad mixture is rubber bands, pets and small children. They love to put rubber bands around pets' necks and they often are not detected until dire consequences set in.


I'm making sampler progress, but you would not believe the chart mistakes I'm finding as I stitch. So it's stitch and fix at the moment.

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