Saturday, January 24, 2004


Unlike famous designers I need to stitch my own models and I'm poorly paid for the effort, believe me!! Likewise I do all my own printing and publishing. The last few weeks Joey and the guys at Kelly Paper have been seeing a lot of me as I trundle out the linen finish paper we use for our charts and booklets. I like the finish of the paper because it has a highly tactile satisfaction and it has a high amount of post consumer recycled stuff used in its manufacture.

Then we bring it home and start shoving it through a printer or two. A lot of my charts are pretty graphic laden so it can take forever for some things to print and some charts (Celtic Alphabet for one) consist of high end graphics file which means they have to be printed page by page.

So right now, it's set the printer in motion, sit and stitch a bit on a model and then print and then stitch and stitch and print and stitch and print.

By tomorrow I'll be able to post an update on the thistle sampler.... might have it ready for Nashville.

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