Sunday, February 22, 2004


The V&A has a current exhibit on collecting decorative arts. Now I come from a family of collectors! Or packrats? My mom collected souvenier plates, my parents both collected American Indian arts and crafts and books, as a child I collected miniature pitchers/jugs (under 2 1/2" please), a cousin of my mom's collected china (and other materials) shoes, my grandmother collected matchbook covers, postcards, salt & pepper shakers, one of my nephews collects spoons, another keychains and another shot glasses. You get the picture.

Other than socks, I now am caught up in collecting children's/miniature/toy tea sets, books (of course), heart shaped trinket boxes, AND rubbers (erasers to the American ear). Across the hallway from my case full of little jugs is a knick knack shelf full of erasers collected on my travels. Children's shops in museums are often a great resource. This trip to England seemed doomed. Kew Gardens shops (ZERO); V&A (ZERO) but Libby found four new ones for me at the British Museum, including one that doesn't scan well. It commemorates the 250th anniversary of the museum. Now to find space for them on the shelves.

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