Thursday, February 26, 2004


I think my new printer has been taking little blue pills developed for Hewlett Packard. It was delivered today while I was at the day job - even though I was told it would be delivered on Monday and had arranged to be here for the delivery.

I came home to find a carton the size of a small refrigerator at my door. Hmmm I thought - they sure put lots of packing around this. Then I dragged it into the apartment and believe me I knew that was pretty heavy styrofoam or a much bigger piece of equipment than I expected. The picture looked SO SMALL.

The first instruction was that this was HEAVY. It would require two men to lift it. Well, this little old lady has slung pregnant women onto delivery tables in her past, so did she back off - No!

BUT where to set it up. No place for it on my workspace. Its footprint is twice the size of my HP 2300. Hmmm. Get out sturdy cardtable. No space to really use my desktop as a server for it. Get out the laptop. Put all the printheads and ink in. Initialize it. It makes the cardtable shake and quake in fear just aligning the ink cartridges and printheads.

Now I know how I will spend the weekend - rearranging my entire workspace to move this giant HP3000 to a sturdier perch. It is calibrating, calibrating. More news as it occurs.

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