Saturday, March 13, 2004


Now I've admitted I love presents (who doesn't) and I love surprises but I've had the surprise of many a year today. In my mailbox arrived a box with a pair of the most beautiful writing instruments from A Twist On Wood home of an artist Caroline Morse whose work I have admired from afar.

These are a magnificently crafted pen and pencil of tulipwood. The mechanical fittings are exquisite and the wood can only be compared to the finest silk satin.

The surprise is I HAVE NO IDEA WHO SENT THESE TO ME!!! What a thoughtful benefactor. It is someone who knows I hang out in libraries and that the libraries I frequent only allow the use of pencils to protect their rare book collections --because in the pencil box is a cryptic note on a tiny slip of paper that says "Use it with care in The Library". I have my suspicions whether the culprit confesses or not, but in any case a bemused, and grateful thank you.

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