Sunday, March 14, 2004


I was so excited about my new pen and pencil (to which Su confessed sending) that I almost forgot about the box from Benton & Johnson that was in the mailbox as well.

The gold passing thread for our Or Nue class arrived. There is something special about holding 250gm of gold thread in one's hands at once. It gives me the Midas itch. When I first started ordering from B&J they didn't even have a fax machine. Now they have a shopping cart online!!! However, in "the old days" the manufacturing was accomplished above the showroom on the Southbank. If something was needed urgently Kath or Kathy would run up and tell "the guys" to move on it and your order went to the top of the list. As with many small enterprises, B&J is now owned by an enterprise group, manufacturing has gone to the midlands and speed is not their strong suit. However Kath & Kathy are still in the London showroom and they are not diminished in any way. They know their product and its uses and are ever helpful and friendly.

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