Thursday, March 18, 2004


I adore teaching SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) stitchers because they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO dedicated. The thread police could take some training from them. I think we get along fairly well because if I don't know if something is "period" (pre-1600) I say so.

On the other hand most SCA stitchers also indulge in "fun" stitching just to improve skills and many of them are interested in other historic needlework (e.g. Regency, Islamic, Byzantine, Victorian, etc.) so they are fascinating folk, all.

They also subscribe to the theory that to be a scholar one need not be an academic. True some of us who putter along our own paths can get confused and miss out on well known scholarship in a field of interest, but we do at times bring a fresh outlook to the subject at hand.

As to confusion, one of the charms of teaching SCA members is that they all have at least two names - their SCA name and their mundane name. I often give up and say "you". Not the most polite form of address but I do remember faces and often one name - but not two. Everyone seems to understand. I certainly remember their stitching!!!

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