Monday, March 01, 2004


I have a miserable cold. Imported from England!!! It is raining like mad here. BUT in the mail today was my permanent (well 5 year) Reader's Ticket for the V&A National Art Library. No more need to apply for special collection privileges each visit.

Also there was a very kind busdriver tonight. I take a couple of routes to and from the dayjob that carry a lot of tourists between Hollywood-Beverly Hills-Santa Monica (the beach). Two ladies with a British accent approached me at the Century City bus stop and asked if they could get a bus to Rodeo Drive. They may or may not have been planning to shop at Tiffany's or Escada but I think not. I think they just wanted a little flutter of the shopper's heart. I explained that they could reach Rodeo Drive but there was no stop at that street, they would have to walk about a block from the nearest stop. When I entered the bus I told the driver the ladies would like to disembark as close to Rodeo as possible. The dear man made an unscheduled stop and set them down spot on Rodeo. Not an un-noticed act of kindness in today's rain.

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