Sunday, March 07, 2004


Seems as if I'm stuck in a rut here. Getting orders out (a good thing), getting ready for upcoming classes (a good thing); updating the website (a tedious thing) and getting over a cold/bronchitis (a lousy thing).

Nordic Needle did like the new Knotwork Alphabet book, they placed their usual initial order before Nashville and I sent them most of my stock destined for Nashville. I returned from England to find another order from them - they had sold out. I presume all of their initial order went to shops as they hadn't even put it on their website yet. As of yesterday, they had it in their web catalog BUT with a photo of hardanger banners. Don't think they will sell many at that rate. Meanwhile we are printing, printing, printing. It is nice to have a publication that may stay on the active sales list for a long time. My second published book is still a strong seller (100 Blackwork Charts) but the very first (Alphabets from Antique Samplers) is one of the worst sellers in our catalog.

I'm itching to get back to the thistle sampler as I think I figured out a solution while at the V&A last month.

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