Tuesday, March 23, 2004


What a great weekend. Robin and Cathy fetched me from the airport in SF and it was whoosh right off to Needle In A Haystack where we waited a few minutes until they opened the doors at 10:30 a.m. Then over an hour of admiring their new space. They are still moving in but what a great shop it is for them. Lots of space to show off their fibers (one of their real strengths) and a classroom beyond belief. When they get models up it will be even better as they now have wall space for a real gallery of needlework. We talked about a history lecture at the shop in May now that she has a huge classroom.

A yummy lunch at the Indian restaurant conveniently nextdoor to the shop. Cathe took a bit of time out of her busy schedule and went to lunch with us. It is always great to get insight from shop owners as they have a perspective of the needlework biz that is uniquely theirs.

Then off to a few gourmet shopping experiences and home for a beautifully cooked meal and a look at Robin's latest projects. Her Bargello is absolutely stunning. What a lot of work but it will be beautiful when finished.

Saturday was a visit to a local garden center where we helped Robin and Will fill a huge cart with plants and supplies. Home again to put the plants in the ground and set up everything for class on Sunday. Great food and a little costume movie watching.

Sunday was the first time I had taught Or Nue and the first time is always a beta test. How long do you linger on this point? What is really of interest? What other charts, graphs, illustrations were needed to really present the concept? It was fun and everyone was patient with me. They really appreciated my teaching photos (thanks to Libby) and I hope have a more firm handle on the technique. We did stitch for a few hours using some of the gold and gauze with all sorts of silk fibers.

Another great meal on Sunday night and lots of stitchy and history talk then back home on Monday. Today it's back to the Day Job..... I am stocked up on silver bodkins thanks to Cathy hand carrying them to me and Bill's new tiny tiny silver threadcutter rose is to die for. I graciously let Cathe Ray have the supply she brought for the shop but another one is coming my way so I will be able to take special orders for this special bit of jewelry.

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