Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Not blogged much lately as I've been pushing on a couple of projects at The Day Job and working more hours than usual AND I'm finally determined to climb out of the morass of boxes and stacks and bundles of stuff around here.

Combine all the boxes I brought home when we cleared out my mom's house AND the stuff I have for publishing and kitting and teaching AND the stuff I tend to gather as a genetic member of the species packratus and you have an unworkable mass of clutter. I hate not being able to find stuff or not being able to accomplish something because something is missing and just plain hiding from me. I decided a few days ago to STOP and replan furniture and workspace layout and to reorganize materials and supplies as well as consolidate the boxes in one compact stack.

We have a good start. I really wasn't making good use of the space I have - and I have quite a bit for a city apartment. I don't see how Su survives on a boat. Boxes are getting massed in the spare bedroom. Stuff is getting packed up for Santa Clara CATS show and a good deal is getting shoved out the door. I have found things I forgot I owned for heaven's sake. I even started a little stitching project just for fun. Don't do too much of that around here. It is model stitching forever.

Soooo nothing exciting going here, but already feeling less challenged in my own environment.

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