Sunday, April 11, 2004


Catching up on some reading (Summer 1969 Horizon Quarterly) I found an article on Imhotep by Lionel Casson. He discusses the association of the Ibis as an animal sacred to Imhotep (the only architect god I know of) and the mummification of Ibis and offering of these mummies at shrines dedicated to Imhotep. He goes on to say that thousands of Ibis were found at one site "each carefully wrapped in bandaging that was frequently decorated with embroidered or appliqued figues of Imhotep or the god Thoth or an ibis on a lotus...." The article provides a small photo with what appears to be an image of Imhtep stitched as a slip and then applied to a wrapped ibis. There is no photo credit for this image or source given. The British Museum online provides one image of an ibis mummy which is beautifull wrapped but sans embroidery. Where have all these embroidered mummies gone? I want to see them!!!

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