Thursday, May 06, 2004


Perhaps foolishly, but I'm beginning to think I just might get everything that needs done finished in the next few weeks.

Our busy show season starts soon, off on the 18th of May to teach goldwork at Robin's, then CATS Santa Clara, then EGA to teach blackwork, then home for a few days. Then off to Kansas for Memorial Day and on to Rockome for over a week, then teaching pulled thread in Peoria, then home for a few days and back to Kansas City to teach goldwork at the end of June.

Bless FedEx Ground services and keep them strong because they are going to have to shift a lot of stuff pretty soon.

I am so looking forward to seeing lots of friends as I travel about and I really dig teaching.

On another front, merchandise is coming in for the booths we will be staffing. Carol Leather's parcel arrived and within 10 days or so the new thread winders I have commissioned for manufacture in India should be here. They have been shipped. Other than importing from UK manufacturers this is my first adventure into the wider range of importing but the MD of the firm in India is a charming gentleman and his craftsmen turned out 6 different reproduction thread winders for us and an exquisite bone needle.

We are stocked up on silver bodkins from Bill Dawson and wait until you see the handcast tiny, tiny, tiny rose thread cutter for airline stitching.

Back to printing and assembling and cutting fabric and all that stuff.

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