Saturday, May 15, 2004

(More like fast hobbling with my knees)

Lots to do. Thank heaven for that much larger than a breadbox new printer. I wave a few strokes and say "print 16 sets of handouts" and it spits them at me before I can go get a drink of water.

I was in Kelly Paper this morning and the guys all said "um show season must be starting." Then they helped me fill the back of the van with paper, labels, cover sheets, binding coils and colored paper for class handouts.

I started using a plastic cover protector for our self-published booklets when we were photocopying them as the covers tended to rub and needed some care. Now I like them because they tend to give a booklet substance and help it stand on a shelf or in a shop rack.

Have all the pricing labels for the bits and bobs printed and most of them affixed. Most of the thread bobbins wound for the EGA ornament class, most of a lot of things done - it's the last bits that can be daunting.

All the running and jumping up and down gave me permission to eat two Krispy Kreme's today though - so it's worth it!

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have several finished projects to report.

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