Wednesday, June 02, 2004


We've landed in Springfield for a few days and I'm finishing up kitting and model stitching for Rockhome. Yes designers stitch models up to the last moment.

The weather has been super and all the green is a wonderful change. I've had a little scare over my friend Nick Gosswinn who was to fly to Chicago and teach at Rockome. He became ill and is not allowed to travel so we will miss seeing him this month. He is doing well however and I'm hopeful that he will be here next year.

It's on to Rockome tomorrow and then the fun begins. Preview night is a great way to start the show. My hat is off to Charlene who manages the show. She's had her troubles this year and we are not only missing Nick but also Betsy Evans who is unable to travel as well. I know they'll be missed but I'm looking forward to a very special anniversary show this year.

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