Saturday, July 03, 2004

AT LAST!!!!!

Home again and finally to the point that I can blog a bit. Being pretty steadily on the road for over a month just really cut into my blogging time.

It was home to the dayjob to find that very little had been accomplished there whilst I was away. Just about what was expected, but wham what a mess to deal with.

Still sorting the pesky papers but getting down to some of the fun stuff as well.

Two new erasers/rubbers last month. One from Lindsborg, Kansas and one from Hannibal, Missouri.

I always have fun in Lindsborg, Swedish to the nth degree. They now have their own answer to the various animals, angels, whatever that communities have been scattering about to define their spaces and give artists a platform for expression. Their critters are Dalla horses (rather a signature of the town) and they are decorated in some of the most whimsical ways imaginable. We met the mayor of Lindsborg in front of the local restaurant owned by his family. Ron Rolander gave us an up close and personal account of all the symbols included on the Dalla horse he commissioned and their significance to his family.

Hannibal is just good fun for an afternoon and they have done a good job on the Mark Twain/S. Clemens museum there. I found it very touching that the museum's collection of first editions had been purchased using funds collected from local schoolchildren every year on the occasion of the author's birthday

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