Thursday, July 08, 2004


When visiting Kansas City recently, my hostess (Catherine K) FORCED me to travel to a very dangerous neighborhood.

A visit to a unique jewelers (ah the opals, ah the amber) was on the before lunch agenda. Tempting, but I can resist jewelry.

Then lunch at an Irish Pub which was nearly empty so they didn't mind us sitting and having a good natter.

Then it was onward to The Better Cheddar. Yes Catherine it is an adventure better taken on a full stomach. The golden raspberry jam is outstanding and the chocolate was the hit at the office.

Then on to a very dangerous shop, The Paper Source. Real eye candy for someone whose second love (after textile thingies) is paper! Yes, they do have a modest amount of scrapbook stuff but also just tons and tons of stuff which is great for mixed media projects. I came away with two new books (one on boxes and one on manipulating fabric and paper) and handfuls of bits and bobs for inspiration.

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