Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Whilst in the midst of a tidy fit I found a book I forgot I owned and had not really looked at. Twentieth-Century Lace by Ernst-Erik Pfannschmidt. (1975) ISBN 0 684 14375 5

Lace isn't really my forte but I bought it because "it was there and I didn't have it". Mr. Pfannschmidt is an architect who learned lace making from his mother but then became fascinated with the history of lace making. Although there is a good deal about modern lace making and plates of modern pieces there is a good deal of content about the history of lace and netting and knotting including diagrams of netting knots from textiles found at archaeological sites.

This is not a "core" book but certainly one worth owning for the information not found elsewhere.

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