Wednesday, August 04, 2004


First I was depressed today. I got my copy of Needlework Retailer - that slick trade mag with all the clever projects in it and the color ads by the BIG GIRLS of the biz. I'll never make it I think. Why can't I just design ONE clever whoozits that will make me rich and just let me keep my head in a library 365/365? My stuff is SOOOO plain and bread and butter sort of design.

But then, I got the nicest e-mail from Meg Shinall saying she had actually stitched the Christmas ornament I did for the ornament round robin she sponsored at Rockome this year. When a busy designer/publisher/teacher takes the time to stitch one of your designs, it's far from faint praise.

Meg's a talented designer and although she is fully involved in the family business, she is not just Ginnie Thompson's daughter. She is a force unto herself, and a nice person to boot.

A nice e-mail beats slick ads any day (or evening)

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