Monday, December 27, 2004


It's nice to see Su at the Floating Needle is having a white Christmas whilst all snug inside the boat.

I tried to post a comment on her blog but unfortunately Blogger has taken a dislike to me and won't understand my log in there.

It was super talking to Su the other day and the JE has gotten very good at talking to strange people on the telephone.

Back to work here on stitching projects. I was saving a Rhode Island sampler to submit as a proposal for Sampler Gathering but I have to assume Deb Crain has a plethora of teachers and doesn't need my proposals as I haven't heard from her. Soooo I need to get this nice little sampler ready for the commercial market. Maybe some nice sampler group will want a class built around it.

It really is a plain little mid-late 19th century sampler but when I purchased it I was also able to obtain a family Book of Common Prayer with it. Tucked into the prayer book are all sorts of family bits and pieces. First Communion certificates, obituaries, DAR correspondence, etc. as well as another couple of stitched bits.

I'm now doing the research on the family of the stitcher, Sally Watson and will blog about my progress.

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