Sunday, December 26, 2004


Folks often wonder why projects I teach are not available for general sale. One of the main reasons is that when I am there poking and prodding and leaning over students' shoulders, the printed instructions required are minimal.

But, when a chart, a design, a sampler, a project comes to a stitcher without the hands on assistance, it requires a lot of explanation and extra graphics.

I'm trying to clear some of the backlog of class projects that I have heaped in a stack waiting for rewrites, rethinking, etc.

I decided to start with a small one - a little perforated paper box that features five little linear (blackwork style) designs.

I like the idea of projects that can be adapted by a stitcher. This design makes it easy to stitch some other favorite little motif in the squares. Maybe a date, initials, crowns or flowers. There are no limits to the possibilities.

Or, the five little squares can be stitched all in a row as a bookmark. One or two squares will make the front and/or back of a scissor fob. An entire row of alternating squares will make a border on a towel or a piece of costume or a baby bib.

The instructions are all augumented. New model stitched and ready to fold and glue and then for a photo session and it can go on the website and travel to Nashville for the trade show in February.

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